100 Acres: Delivering its farm-to-customer promise in new ways

Picnic meals can be enjoyed on the Richardson Olmsted grounds.



100 Acres

Located in Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center

444 Forest Ave., Buffalo

955-1511, 100acresbflo.com


Since spring, restaurants have continually adapted to new models. When 100 Acres morphed to provide curbside pick-up and delivery, Hotel Henry owner/partner Diana Principe says that, “It was more an organic occurrence, an immediate visceral reaction to the surreal news that our industry would have to close to in-person dining.” It was also a way to maintain jobs for at least a few employees. For the owners, as well as 100 Acres chef Mike Thill and kitchen manager Eric Granville, it became an opportunity to create new and attractive options. Several years ago, South Side Pick Up was a part of the plan for 100 Acres, but fundamentally designed as a gift card sales program. The restaurant’s marketing team repurposed that into a fully functional e-commerce platform for orders and launched a touchless curbside pickup model.

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Produce Peddlers: The farm from your phone

Flat #12 mushrooms on Chandler Street is a supplier for Produce Peddlers.




Gary and Gina Wieczorek


50 and 41, respectively


Across Western New York

Years of industry experience:

40 years combined

Over fifty-two billion pounds of food from manufacturers, grocery stores, and restaurants end up in landfills. The majority of the food grown doesn’t meet the stringent quality control measures set by retail outlets, or it has simply been overstocked. Every year, an estimated $160 billion of fresh produce is thrown out. Gary and Gina Wieczorek are working to change this harsh reality by offering an alternative for farmers and growers who lose precious dollars while also providing a service to restaurateurs and others in need of specific products.

In a world where we can shop for anything we want from our mobile devices and have it delivered to our door, the Wieczoreks knew an app would be the perfect vehicle to make Produce Peddlers come to life. Produce Peddlers allows sellers and buyers to connect anytime, anywhere. The passion this duo has for their work is obvious. Here’s how the business got its start and where it’s going:

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Buffalo Tikka House: Zabihah Halal Bangladeshi cuisine spices up Allentown

Tikka House lamb



Buffalo Tikka House

23 Allen Street

240-9324, buffalotikkahousetogo.com

Western New York can lay claim to a respectable number of Indian restaurants. And it’s easy to play favorites or get in a rut. Luckily, Buffalo Tikka House offers more than the usual Indian fare—it’s Zabihah Halal Bangladeshi and Indian—and its menu includes options perfect for those well-versed in the cuisine and newcomers alike. Located in the Allentown district, the spartan space is promising; what it may lack in interior design, it makes up for in flavorful food and friendly and generous service. The simple dining room is small, but the restaurant also handles a steady stream of takeout business.

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Jazzboline: A festive option in the Northtowns

Lamb ribs are tangy, sweet, and saucy




5010 Main Street, Amherst

839-2220, jazzboline.com

Located next to upscale boutique hostelry Reikart House, Jazzboline Restaurant & Bar offers a lively atmosphere for everything from happy hour cocktails to intimate dinners. The restaurant’s inspiration is tied to the legacy of the Reikarts, who, after years of performing on the Vaudeville circuit, relocated to Amherst. Frank and Dolly Reikart operated a variety of shops at their homestead on Transit Road in the early 1900s, and hosted many visitors, including fellow entertainers. They became well-known for their hospitality and entertainment, which served as inspiration for the restaurant, named for Frank Reikart’s most popular musical creation, the jazzbolinean instrument with an angular body that’s played like a banjo.

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Daniela.: An Italian casual newcomer features pinsa Romano

Capricciosa pinsa Romana features tomato sauce, artichoke, olive, ham, mushroom, and mozzarella.



387 Forest Avenue, Buffalo
235-8598, Visit the Facebook/daniela.catering.caffe/

Daniela. (yes, the period is intentional) is a welcome addition to the Elmwood Village neighborhood. Nestled on a corner of Forest near the Richardson Olmsted campus, it’s slightly offset from other city restaurants, but the location perfectly fits its cozy vibe. A warm greeting from behind the counter, welcoming bartenders, and delicious aromas are early indications that the visit will be worth it. An established caterer, Daniela Antonella Cosmano Kayser, opened Daniela. in the recently renovated space earlier this year.

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Citrus marinated raw scallops from The Grange

Wild-caught scallops benefit from a grapefruit and lemon marinade.



The Grange

22 Main St., Hamburg

grangecommunitykitchen.com, 648-0022

Seared scallops show up on many restaurant menus, but few non-sushi venues present raw scallops. Prepared crudo style, or raw with a citrus marinade, scallops are both delicate and strong. This small plate is an undeniably addictive contrast of textures and flavors.

Chef Brad Rowell says this dish was initially inspired by Mexican tostados. “We decided to take it in more of an Italian direction by using the carte di musica cracker and the Calabrian chili aioli,” he says. If you aren’t familiar with the carte di musica, it’s like a flatbread meets a cracker with an impressive amount of crisp for such a thin vehicle. The tender texture of the scallop is perfectly balanced by the crunch of the charred cracker with a border of dark, burnt edges. Read the rest of this entry »

A round-up of grilling wisdom from four Spree food writers



Here’s a round-up of grilling wisdom from four Spree food writers who also happen to be serious cooks and year-round grillers.

What’s your favorite outdoor cooking method (charcoal grill, gas grill, smoker, fireplace, etc.) and why?

Nick Guy: I tend to prefer propane just because it’s so much faster to get going, and I’m usually only cooking for one or two people. I love the flavor that charcoal gives, and will pull the charcoal grill out for projects when I’ve planned in advance.

Lizz Schumer: I love cooking over a campfire while traveling, just like my family did at least a few weeks each summer when I was a kid. There’s just nothing like cozying up to a crackling fire pit and really getting back to my roots. I use some of the same camping methods on our charcoal grill and in our home fire pit as well, to get that same outdoorsy experience in the comfort of our own backyard.

Jeff Biesinger: I have all kinds of various charcoal and gas grills and smokers (last count was ten), but, given the chance, I’ll choose to cook over an open campfire any chance I get. It’s completely caveman, yet takes a lot of fire-management skill and provides an unrivaled sense of satisfaction when you pull off an amazing meal.

Nina Barone: I love the occasional smoker-cooked meat, but I’m not adept at using anything beyond a charcoal or gas grill. We use a gas grill for our daily grilling needs. My father-in-law was a wonderful grill master, so we took some cues from him, including which Weber gas grill is best.

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