What Makes a Foodie?

The Western New York community largely agrees that Buffalo is in the midst of a renaissance. Part rebirth and part reclaiming, we Buffalonians brazenly praise our city in increasingly stronger voices, and our feelings toward the local food scene are a key part of this celebration. The landscape includes a rising number of quality restaurants that stack up against those in cool cities around the country, a gaggle of chefs with near-celebrity status, and a growing focus on local agriculture and the farmers who humbly make our food obsession possible. We’ve got dozens of food trucks, farmers’ markets, food festivals and sell-out events about food to boot.

But what came first, all of this or people who get into food so much they can be deemed foodies? Being a foodie is arguably best defined in terms of the lengths one will go to find and enjoy great food. A foodie also doesn’t mind having to work a little to get to the good stuff. Far drive? No problem. Obscure ingredients to find? On it. Follow crazy procedures to snag a coveted reservation? Done. Some foodies love to dine out and others enjoy cooking at home, but all must love food in both a fierce and affectionate way that might alarm some. This undoubtedly has a positive connotation and a negative side, but let’s not take ourselves too seriously here. There are worse things in life than dishing thoughts on a new restaurant and bragging about a 12-course meal with play-by-play photos.

It is an exciting time to be a foodie in Buffalo and beyond. In the palm of your hand, you can find the best coffee shop, spot for a quick lunch and most romantic fine dining restaurant for a date in a matter of seconds. And you can document it for the world (or your social media network) to see. An intense fervor to share our opinions on all things food combined with the ability to quickly access that information creates a perfect marriage of accessibility. This access to information makes the once exclusive world of fancy food much more attainable and approachable. Of course, that somewhat annoyingly opens the door for everyone to be an expert on everything, but we have to remember that food is both serious and fun. So keep on loving food, Buffalo. We’ve got your back, crazy Instagram posts and all.

[Curious what’s pictured above? Soup from Miss Hot Cafe and loaf from Breadhive]

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Nina lives in Buffalo, NY. An adventurous home cook, she loves to eat, cook, bake & enjoy life. She writes/blogs about food, tweets adventures & other passions.

10. July 2014 by Nina
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