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Fowler’s Chocolates: It’s candy, after all

Originally published in Buffalo Spree magazine, February 2012

Years in business: 101

Number of locations: 7

Specialty item: Truffaloes

Best-selling item: Sponge candy

Company motto: “Quite possibly the best chocolate you’ve ever tasted.”

In an era when food fads are as fleeting as clothing trends, there remains a Buffalo chocolate company focused on keeping traditional favorites thriving. A young entrepreneur, Joseph A. Fowler, founded Fowler’s Chocolates in 1910, after traveling to Buffalo in 1901 to attend the Pan American Exposition, where he made and sold chocolates. The warm response to his products inspired him to pursue candy making as a career. In 1993, Buffalo residents and father/son duo, Randy and Ted Marks, purchased the company and continued the legacy.

“Fowler’s is all about chocolate,” says Ted Marks, owner of Fowler’s. “From traditional buttercreams to truffles to salted caramels and French mint melt-aways, they’re all chocolate.”

Largely considered a Western New York specialty (though similar products are made under other names elsewhere), sponge candy is the company’s best-selling product year-round. Fowler’s recipe features a thin layer of chocolate coating a dense and airy nugget, which almost instantly melts in your mouth. The center’s molasses flavor is sweet and satisfying. Fowler’s offers sponge candy in milk, dark, and orange chocolate.

The company’s Buffalo-themed line is playful and full of hometown pride. It includes Buffaloreos—chocolate covered Oreo cookies emblazoned with a chocolate buffalo on top—pizza-and-wing-shaped chocolates in pizza-box style packaging, buffalo head nickels, “Sweet Taste of Buffalo” candy bars, and buffalo mold chocolates. Every store has a Buffalo section showcasing these edible novelties.

Above all, buffalo-shaped truffles dubbed Truffaloes set Fowler’s apart. The milk chocolate variety is filled with a hazelnut truffle filling and the dark chocolate variety has a raspberry truffle center. To ensure there’s an appropriate vehicle to please all palettes, Truffaloes are even transformed into Truffalo bars, featuring a creamy truffle center surrounded by rich milk chocolate. Local artist Michael Morgulis designed the signature pink, red, and silver Truffalo candy bar labels.

Fowler’s aim is to make and sell the best candy possible, and have fun doing it, Marks says. “It is candy, after all. Every day is a holiday. I love every day.”

For chocolate enthusiasts and sporadic shoppers alike, Fowler’s has a “chocolate lovers card,” essentially a free customer loyalty card providing discounts on various items. The promotions change seasonally and correspond with holidays.

“We go really far out of our way to make sure our retail associates are well trained and pleasant so that the people coming into the store realize they’re in a candy store,” Marks says. “They’re there because they want to have a good experience. When you walk into a chocolate store, it smells like chocolate. You’re supposed to say, ‘This is great. Let’s enjoy ourselves.’ And we try to make sure that atmosphere pervades.

“I will confess to eating a little chocolate every day,” continues Marks. “Some days more than others.”

One of the company’s taglines may be the closest thing they have to a company motto: “Quite possibly the best chocolate you’ve ever tasted.” After over 100 years in business, Fowler’s surely has many customers who agree.

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