I drink, therefore I am

Originally published in Buffalo Spree magazine, February 2013

What Buffalo is imbibing lately

Diane Sieber
Senior Clerk, Assessor’s Office, Town of Cheektowaga
Signature drink: Dirty martini

Why dirty martini?
“I was never one to have girly sweet drinks; I like savory,” says Sieber, who loves the salty olives and smooth vodka, and cites Stoli as “the vodka of choice.” She says her passion for dirty martinis isn’t nostalgic: “It’s not like my parents drank it and now I really like it. I just love the taste of olives.”
Details, details:
Sieber asks for her dirty martini with Stoli vodka, straight up, extra olives, and salty.
Vessels count:
She enjoys her dirty martinis when dining at fine or casual restaurants, anywhere with great glasses. “Does that sound crazy? I enjoy that whole thing,” divulges Sieber. “Just like if you go out and have wine and they have really nice wine glasses, it adds to the whole experience.”


Dan Magnuszewski
Chief principal Innovationist, Z80 Labs Technology Incubator
Signature drink: Moscow mule

Why Moscow mule?
While in Austin for South by Southwest, Magnuszewski went to the East Side Show Room, looked through a drink menu, and saw Moscow mule: “Ginger beer, vodka, lime, etc., and it sounded good so I gave it a try,” he says. “It was refreshing and perfect for the Austin spring weather. I came back and was all excited and went to some bars around here and no one knew what it was.”

On the hunt:
“I became an advocate for them and almost became more obsessed because they were hard to find,” says Magnuszewski, who resorted to making his own at home. “I learned to make it properly with really good ginger beer and finally someone mentioned they had the ingredients for it at Vera and Brick House.”

The best part:
Magnuszewski is a ginger fan so he loves the strong ginger flavor.


Mike Cutler

DJ Cutler
Signature drink: Flying Bison’s Sky Pilot Scotch Ale

Why Sky Pilot Scotch Ale?
“I’m a beer drinker so it changes often, especially with the seasons.”

“The rich, hearty, toffee-like malt base of the Sky Pilot always evokes personal memories from the momentous winter of 2003–04 when I was first introduced to two things that are very important to me: year-round bicycling and Flying Bison Brewing Company,” continues Cutler, who notes that if it weren’t for the latter, he wouldn’t have been capable of the former.

Joy rides:
Cutler had just moved back to Buffalo and was living in Riverside. He said he would take weekly, if not daily rides to the brewery for growler fills and beer lessons from Tim Herzog and the crew. “The Sky Pilot had just enough alcoholic and caloric content to fuel some pretty amazing winter rides that year and I learned a hell of a lot about good beer and proper bike maintenance in a Buffalo winter,” Cutler muses.


Allie Hartwick
Producer, Winging It! Buffalo Style
Signature drink: Guinness

Why Guinness?
“There’s no time of day that you can’t enjoy Guinness, It’s always wonderful. One day I was in the mood for a Guinness and I never got out of it.”

Good memories:
Guinness reminds Hartwick of Colter Bay, as she says most of her Fridays have been spent there. “They always know my order,” she says.

Playing favorites:
“It’s like the Starbucks of beer because it’s always going to be consistent and you’re always going to like it,” continues Hartwick, who waxes poetic about how Guinness is analogous to shoes. “There are those favorite ones you can wear everyday, but you might have fancy ones you like more.”

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