Top ten cool new kitchen gadgets and tools

Originally published in the December 2014 issue of Buffalo Spree magazine

They can help you perfect a dish, ease your frustration, cut time spent in the kitchen, or simply make you smile. Notable kitchen gadgets have a winning formula of form, function, and beauty that we can’t resist. Sometimes the simplest item can save you from a kitchen disaster, ranging from your run of the mill spilled sauce to the mess you make when tearing apart your cupboards to find that one buried item you need right now. Perhaps most amazingly, these tools can often be the extra set of hands you wish for on countless occasions. Even if you use a few of these gadgets once or twice a year, they aren’t a splurge if they make your life this much easier. Go ahead, see if they solve one of your cooking pain points.

1. OXO Good Grips perfect cut twine dispenser  ($14.99)

This may seem like a luxury, but those who have attempted to stuff meat with multiple ingredients and wrangle kitchen scissors repeatedly know this is a savior. While you wrap, stuff, and arrange, its non-slip feet keep it put. It will inevitably come in handy for a number of household projects; it comes with 300 feet of twine.

2. Kuhn Rikon smart lid with auto release valve ($30)

It’s a nuisance keeping your pan lids paired. It would be nice to reach for a single lid in a pinch and this makes that possible. Fry, steam, simmer, and braise with this universal Smart Lid. It features a clear glass center, a silicone gasket that seals nearly any pan, and a valve that can be set to trap steam in the pan or release it.

3. Food Huggers reusable food savers (set of 4, $9.99)

Try these nesting silicone food savers to create a tight seal around half used produce and more. Simply place leftover fruits and veggies on the lid-like surface to wrap around for storage. Food Huggers can be used to cover open cans and jars to keep contents fresh.

4. Williams-Sonoma brining bags (set of 3, $14.95)

Brining meat ahead of cooking is a wonderful way to ensure juicy results, but it can be tough to get whole chickens, turkeys, pork shoulders, and other large cuts into typical sealed bags—and a zip top is a must to prevent leakage. The large bags hold up to a 23-pound turkey and are seriously heavy duty.

5. Bento & Co. Bin 8 ($22.00)

This multidimensional item looks like a wine bottle, but holds eight commonly used tools: a funnel, a lemon juicer, a spice grater, an egg masher, a cheese grater, a lid grip/opener, an egg yolk separator, and a measuring cup. Its sleek, colorful design plus ease of storage make it a great gadget.

6. Bee’s Wrap ($5.50-$15.00)

This beeswax and cloth food storage alternative has a wide range of uses. With the warmth of your hands, mold the wrap to seal the top of a bowl, a partially used piece of produce, bread, or cheese. Once cool, the wrap stiffens and holds its shape to seal the food fresh. Available in five sizes, it can be reused for a year with proper care.

7. CHEFS roast cutting tongs ($29.95)

Cutting a roast can be awkward to maneuver if you aren’t deft with a carving knife. This contraption makes it much easier to manage those especially large cuts of meats in a tidy and even manner.

8. Soma Carafe (carafe and filter: $59; carafe plus one year subscription of filters: $99)

Beyond keeping your water fresh, this German-engineered glass carafe is beautiful, eco-friendly, and philanthropic. Made from coconut shells and a plant-based casing, its filters are 100% biodegradable, and the company will deliver them to your home every 60 days to ensure you replace them in a timely manner. How convenient is that? Every filter purchase includes a donation to Charity: Water.

9. Jokari hands-free baggy rack storage bag holder (2 for $8.99)

These may look a bit goofy, but they could be your extra set of hands in the kitchen for countless projects. Pack leftovers with ease, stock freezer bags for weeknight meals, and scrape that last bit of goodness from the bowl without spilling. They can also be used to get reusable bags completely dry before storing (think pastry bags).

10. Williams-Sonoma smart tools kitchen stand for tablets ($49.95)

For your recipe following, demo watching, and email-checking needs, this small stand maximizes your countertop space and allows you to keep your tablet within reach and view. Tablets can be positioned horizontally or vertically, or rested atop. Conveniently, it can be stacked with a compatible speaker too.

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