Mac & Cheese Challenge

Word is getting around about a plethora of macaroni and cheese on the menus of Western New York restaurants. Twenty area eateries are offering specials of everyone’s favorite comfort food thanks to Buffalo’s Best Mac & Cheese Challenge, sponsored by Lactalis Foodservice. The promotion officially kicks off today, March 1, and runs through March 31. For program details and a complete list of participating restaurants, click here.

macaroni_cheeseThe list of participating restaurants is diverse, as are the specials. Chefs must include at least one of Lactilis’ artisan brands of cheeses, and those receiving the highest percentage of “like” votes will win. The winning restaurant’s Chef and wait staff will win prizes, as well as customers. Here’s the list of where you can dine and what they’re serving:

  1. Blue Monk: “Smoked Chorizo, Tiger Shrimp with Pancetta, Onions, Bell Peppers in a Brie Fondue” (President Brie)
  2. Chocolate Bar: “Buffalo Chicken Wing Mac & Cheese” (Sorrento Gorgonzola, Roquefort Marival Blue Cheese and Sharp Cheddar) and a “White Chocolate Mac & Cheese”
  3. Colter Bay: “Colter’s Chipotle Chorizo Mac & Cheese” (Boule D’or Mimolette, Don Bernardo Manchego, Cheddar and Jack)
  4. DBGB: “Tortilla Mac & Cheese” (Don Bernardo Manchego)
  5. Dick & Jenny’s: “Black & Blue Mac & Cheese” (Sorrento Gorgonzola, Galbani Mozzarella and Parmesan)
  6. Fat Bob’s: “Fat Bob’s Mac & Cheese” (Sorrento 50/50 Blend Cheddar/Monterey Jack)
  7. Fiamma: “Famous Mac & Cheese” (Cheddar, American and Asiago)
  8. John Harvard’s: “Lobster & Bacon Brew House Mac & Cheese” (Don Bernardo Manchego, Boule D’or Mimolette and President Emmental Swiss)
  9. Lagerhaus 95: “Smoked Gouda with Crispy Duck Truffle Cheddar Panko Topping” (Galbani Mascarpone, Galbani Mozzarella and Gouda)
  10. Le Metro: “Smoked Bacon and Thyme Mac & Cheese” (Galbani Bel Paese)
  11. Merge: “Deep Fried BBQ Mac & Cheese with Gorgonzola Cream and a Shaved Celery and Arugula Salad” (Sorrento Gorgonzola)
  12. O’Brien’s Meats & Smokehouse: “Smokey Breakfast Mac & Cheese” (Sorrento Provolone)
  13. Sample: “Roasted Corn & Crab Mac & Cheese” (Don Bernardo Manchengo)
  14. Shango: “Penne Pasta with Smoked Gouda, Goat Cheese, Cheddar, Panko and Rosemary, with our without Andouille” (President Goat Cheese, Gouda, Cheddar and Parmesan)
  15. Soho Burger Bar: “Cheddar Blue Mac & Cheese with Apple Bacon and Scallions” (Boule D’or Mimolette and Roquefort Marival Blue Cheese)
  16. Solé: “Latin Mac & Cheese” (Don Bernardo Manchengo and Smoked Gouda)
  17. Templeton Landing: “Templeton Lobster Mac & Cheese” (President Goat Cheese)
  18. The Frog Hair: “Lobster, Salmon or Filet Mac & Cheese” (Boule D’or Mimolette, Don Bernardo Manchengo and the Galbani Bel Paese)
  19. The Place: “Veggie Mac & Cheese” and a “Meat Mac & Cheese” (Sorrento Provolone and Asiago)
  20. The Roycroft Inn: Lobster Mac & Cheese with White Truffle (Boule D’or Mimolette, President Emmental Swiss and President Goat Cheese)


With a huge range of dishes available, covering about a dozen kinds of cheese, and many veggies and proteins, there appears to be options to please every palate.

Get out and enjoy these specials!

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  1. Beth Leon says:

    Hi All, Glad to see you are taking an interest in that great comfort food – Macaroni and Cheese. Please note that it was one of the few foods vegetarians could count on until you thought it would be better to have the meat course incorporated into it. Is that the only way you could think to ‘improve’ on it? It is not working for me. Kind Regards, BL

    • Nina says:

      Hi Beth, just to clarify, the person running this site isn’t connected with Buffalo’s Best Mac & Cheese Challenge or its organizers. I wanted to share the information with readers, but I’m not affiliated with it or any of the restaurants. There are several macaroni and cheese specials that are vegetarian though!