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A few days ago, my husband and I went to the new location of Sweet_ness7 Cafe on Parkside Avenue in Buffalo. It’s right across from The Buffalo Zoo, nestled in a cozy building on the corner of Russell. We’ve visited the Grant Street location several times, for everything from a warm beverage to a welcomely slow brunch, as part of the perfect lazy weekend morning out. That location is known for delicious coffee, ebelskivers (every single filling was scrumptious!) and egg sandwiches, among other eats and treats. We heard the Parkside location would have different specialties, including crepes.


The new spot opened last week, so we eagerly visited for a warm drink and crepes on a chilly morning. Upon arriving in the cafe, you feel warm and welcome. The baristas who helped us were awesome — where do I start? They gave us a genuine, friendly greeting. We had pleasant conversation while deciding what to order. They gave us little tips and tricks, even admitting a couple opening trouble spots they were working through, and recommending similar coffee options to satisfy that same taste. After surveying the lengthy coffee/beverage menu and a steady stream of baked goodies coming out of the kitchen, we ordered a hot chocolate, an Americano and the Nutella crepes.


The hot chocolate, topped with a very generous amount of homemade whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzle, was warm enough for the first few sips, then barely room temperature. However, it was so well made beyond the temperature, with the perfect ratio of chocolate to milk, that I just kept drinking it. It may have been a result of opening week kinks. If you like hot chocolate that’s sweet in a natural way, but not super sweet, you will enjoy it. My husband’s Americano was great. He says their coffee is very good all around.


The crepes were cooked well, but could have used a little extra filling — or a lot more filling, depending on who you ask. Certain parts of the crepe were completely bare, while the thickest point had about an eighth of an inch of Nutella in it. I saw the fresh fruit crepe on a neighboring table, though, and it looked like it had a bit more to it. Again, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and expecting that they’ll work through this sort of thing with time.

While the food was not perfect (this time), the atmosphere was just about. The vibe of the place is friendly and homey, and the welcome message from the owner on the chalkboard menu illustrates this well. You feel like she is beckoning for your peace and well being. She hopes her coffee and food, and the whole cafe experience, will make you happy. It is an inviting notion. You can’t help but feel a little more relaxed, a little more satisfied. We read the newspaper, chatted, ate, etc. and we felt comfortable getting comfortable and staying awhile. All the folks in the place seemed to agree. Because of that, I enjoyed it and I will certainly go back again.


To be honest, since I mentioned them, I am looking forward to visiting the Grant Street location again soon for those ebelskivers! It’s been awhile and I’m craving those yummy little puffed pancakes. Check out this cafe (at both locations). It’s too likable a place to miss.

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14. October 2010 by Nina
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