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I’ve been sick in bed and unable to cook for a couple days (!), so my husband got us some take-out from Mezza for lunch. I was craving their Lebanese cuisine, especially hummus and tabouleh, but didn’t want an entire serving of each as my meal. So — how perfect is this? — they have a Hummus & Tabouleh wrap for $5.99. That’s what I ordered and it’s one of my new favorite wraps.

Tabouleh is a salad-like dish made up of cracked wheat, fresh parsley, diced onions and tomatoes, with an olive oil and lemon dressing. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s somewhat similar to a couscous salad. Mezza’s version is light and fresh from the lemon and veggies, yet nutritious and filling from the cracked wheat. You can get a serving of it alone for $6.49, which you can make a meal out of, or share with a friend, along with some other appetizers or entrees. It’s delicious with their pita bread. It’s easy to make at home too, and you can often find little starter kits in a box in the organic ethnic section of the grocery store.

The hummus at Mezza is one of my new area favorites. I’ve gotten into making all kinds of homemade hummus the past couple years. Because of this, I am always tuned in to the proportions of lemon juice, garlic, tahini (sesame oil) and olive oil used, as it can really dictate the flavor of the dish. For $5.99, Mezza offers an expert combination of these ingredients, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with a hearty layer of Spanish paprika. The consistency is smooth and thick, while the deep, nutty flavor has just a hint of intended bitterness. All of this is complemented by the sweet and smoky paprika.

We also ordered a serving of Labne for $4.99. Mezza may have my favorite labne yet. Their homemade yogurt topped with olive oil and herbs is smooth, thick and tart in the best way. I could eat it with a spoon, but I just scooped it up with plenty of hot pita. We didn’t get it this time, but the Tzatziki (Labne with fresh garlic and cucumber) is worth trying too. It is lovely with Falafel or as a dip with pita or a wrap.

If you like garlic, be sure to try the Toom. Their house garlic dip is outstanding and even better than Sahara Grill’s (formerly located at the corner of Elmwood and Bidwell, now Zetti’s), which was a favorite among my group of garlic loving friends.

Mezza is located at 929 Elmwood Ave. If you miss Sahara Grill or the Falafel Bar’s city locations, you should definitely give Mezza a try. They have a little patio, which is often busy on weekend lunch hours or for a later dinner and into the evening, thanks to their hookah. If you’re interested in take-out, call 716-885-4400.

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12. September 2010 by Nina
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4 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    I would disagree. When my family ate at Mezza, we found it to be dirty and expensive. The service was slow and the portions tiny.

    • Nina says:

      I guess it really depends on what you ate. We have been there a few times for lunch, so portions were generous for lunchtime. We got wraps, plus some appetizers. The service was really slow and spotty when we dined in last, about six or seven months ago. My review was from getting take out, but I definitely had a poor service experience when dining in after this post was written awhile back.

  2. Lisa says:

    I have to agree with Kathy. My family had a bad experience at Mezza as well. The kicker was that they had a sign in the ladies room requesting that patrons please not flush anything down the toilet including toilet paper! Fortunately this wasn’t a problem seeing that there wasn’t any toilet paper stocked to begin with….gross!

    • Nina says:

      Oh my gosh, that’s awful! Sounds like it’s really taken a turn for the worst. Too bad because some of the simple dishes I had when it first opened really had potential, even with mediocre service.