WNY Sandwiches: Banh Mi from Black Market Food Truck

Originally published in Buffalo Spree magazine, August 2013

Banh Mi
From: Black Market—Mobile (thebmft.com)

Contains: House-baked baguette, various proteins (coconut beef, braised pork, lemongrass chicken, smoked trout, tofu, caramel beef, and more), cilantro, pickled carrots and onion, cucumber, white bean pâté, chili aioli
Price: $7 (can vary depending on the protein included)

The Black Market Food Truck’s Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches are an addictive medley of hearty and refreshing. And here’s where it gets interesting: the base of the banh mi is constant, but the protein always changes. Each time you visit the truck, you will find one of an array of banh mi sandwiches on rotation. In addition, vegetarian and vegan versions (such as the tofu banh mi) are offered. The coconut beef is braised and paired with toasted coconut for a rich and zesty vibe, while the lemongrass chicken is bright and invigorating.

The BMFT owners’ playful attitude comes through with this diverse menu staple. As co-owners Christian Willmott and Michael Dimmer say, they like to keep their dishes fresh and keep their customers wondering what will come next. It’s not exactly a traditional banh mi, but the flavor profile is spot on. Thanks to the power of social media, patrons can get a sneak preview of the day’s menu from Twitter and Facebook posts that lure you with descriptions of the banh mi’s layers, how long it took to braise the meat, or a photo of sandwich fixings as they’re being prepped.

Be warned that this sandwich may cause embarrassment, thanks to the stray droplets of juicy sauce that wind up on your hands and clothing. But go ahead and indulge—the next person in line will understand once he takes his first bite.

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