Zabajone Gelato from Gelateria Luca

Imagine: pale yellow egg yolks whipped as smooth as silk, and then blended with sugar and sweet marsala wine to create an irresistible custard. Next, add milk and make it a frozen treat in the form of gelato. It’s the zabajone gelato at Gelateria Luca, and it’s unlike any flavor you’ve had before. Few desserts make you mmm aloud and ask how it got so delicious long after the first time you enjoy it. There are even fewer flavors you can call truly unique. Smooth, creamy, and slow-churned, this gelato has an unexpectedly intense flavor and a gorgeous color to match. It also boasts less fat and calories than American ice cream because it is made with milk instead of cream.

Zabajone plays well with others too. Pair it with hazelnut gelato; it tastes nutty. Mix with chocolate gelato and it is reminiscent of a dense, fondant covered cake. Eat it alongside mango sorbetto and it’s suddenly fruity. Swirl with the lemon sorbetto and it has a zesty taste that’s even lighter and brighter than the rest. Few gelato flavors blend so well with a companion. Conveniently, Gelateria Luca offers the option to mix and match your gelato of choice, and their paper cups are filled until they’re colorful little mountains in your hand. Armed with a tiny, fluorescent plastic spoon, savor each scoop and scrape until the zabajone becomes a happy memory.

Located at 988 Elmwood Avenue in the Elmwood Village, Gelateria Luca is an authentic Italian gelato shop with friendly owners to serve your every need—be it gelato, coffee, or pastry. Indulge in all their offerings, but the zabajone gelato is a must.

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11. April 2014 by Nina
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  1. Kash says:

    Hey Nina, good write up on Zabaione. You know that it was invented by Catharine de Medici’s architect and amateur chef, Buontalenti. Do come to Niagara-on-the-Lake, across the border to our one year old gelateria started by the Cattani family of Florence, Italy. We import a totally organic gelato base from Italy and use it to make up to 110 flavours (not all at one time of course). In the summer, we use a lot of locally grown seasonal fruits. We also use in our production organic cream and milk, sugar derived from organic graps and NO white sugar, purified reverse osmosis water, etc. You might be pleasantly surprised. We are at 59 Queen Street in Niagara on the Lake. Would love to give you a tasting.


    • Nina says:

      Thank you, Kash! I look forward to the opportunity to visit. We often go to Niagara on the Lake, and we love authentic gelato!

  2. Francesca says:

    Please make a trip to Sweet Melody’s Gelato. Located at the Boulevard Mall, 4553 Main Street ( near Harlem) in Snyder and seasonally at 2 Pine Street in Lockport. They are locally owned and operated and use local markets for fresh ingredients. With over 150 flavors of homemade Authentic Italian Gelato, Sorbet and Frozen Yogurt, there is surely a flavor to please!