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If you haven’t yet visited Zillycakes on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, set a date to get there soon! In addition to creating edible works of art in the form of cake, Zilly Rosen is queen of cupcakes. (She made the famous Obama cupcake mural.) Her shoppe and sweets are delightful. Going beyond fresh takes on chocolate and vanilla, her offerings include an array of seasonal inspirations and all your favorite sweets, cupcake style.

I’ve had some special combinations I’ll not forget soon: chocolate peanut butter banana cupcake topped with PB Cap’n Crunch, a coconut rum cupcake dressed with shredded coconut flakes, and a raspberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with semisweet chocolate chips. Right now, as always, there are wonderful flavors inspired by this time of year. Now through Thanksgiving, Zilly is whipping up Caramel Apple, Mud, Vegan Pumpkin and Maple Bacon! Wow. (Please, if you’ve never had a maple bacon dessert of any kind, don’t say it’s gross! Be brave and try it.)

Zilly was recently featured in The Buffalo News for her new cookbook, “Zombie Cupcakes,” already out in England, with the American version due to release in March. I made the Zombie Pumpkin Cupcakes today, minus the zombies.

Click here for Zilly’s recipe included in The Buffalo News article written by Andrew Galarneau.




Lastly, I should mention that Zilly made our wedding cake, which got outstanding reviews for its artistry and its taste. The cake’s artwork matched our custom designed wedding invitations. The three cake, filling and frosting combinations were outstanding. We chose chocolate cake with raspberry preserves with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache; chocolate cake with raspberry preserves with cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache; and spongey vanilla cake with European lemon curd with Italian pastry cream and vanilla buttercream frosting. Zilly’s baking and design skills culminated in a beautiful and decadent dessert to offer our guests. Thanks again, Zilly!


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16. October 2010 by Nina
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