Come and Get It: 6.16.14

Buffalo Food

  • The web and social media blew up with the news that some of our favorite cocktail makers are making their own place in the North Buffalo location at 1455 Hertel Ave. Here’s the full story from Spree’s Christa Glennie Seychew.
  • Farmers’ markets are up and running, with more produce each week. They’re fully stocked with greens, and now herbs and strawberries and more join the tables, adding color, texture and flavor. What are the market options in your area? Check out Spree’s comprehensive list.
  • I have not always been a fan of fish fry. As a kid, it was an occasional treat in which my family indulged, but I went straight for the battered fried scallops. Humorously, I had no idea what I was eating for several years (starting from the time I could barely see the fish case where my dad brought me each Friday), but I loved those sweet scallops. Eventually, I developed a taste for a traditional British fish ‘n’ chips platter, but there are few options that fit that bill to my liking in Buffalo. I enjoyed one after the Manchester United game in London this spring, and counted down the days until I could get one from British Chippy, from the owners of The English Pork Pie Company, on opening day. I loved it. Check out Donnie Burtless’ “first bite” for British Chippy.



  • Persian love cake, you sound delightful. Perhaps I’ll make this for my birthday cake…
  • Smitten Kitchen’s strawberry rhubarb crisp bars are legit. I scarfed two of them today, and Nicholas quite liked them too. With both strawberries and rhubarb in season right this second, they’re the perfect sweet treat to make this week.

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