Come and Get It: 6.26.14

Buffalo Food

  • A hot sauce focused restaurant, Hot Mama’s Canteen, just opened in Black Rock. Read more about it from The Buffalo News here.
  • The Public House of Buffalo will open in the old Canvas space on Hertel.
  • Much of the best food I eat in Buffalo does not come from a restaurant, but rather, is shared around the dining room table or backyard of a friend or family member’s home. Last Saturday, we enjoyed a BBQ at the home of our friends, Chrisi and Sean. Chrisi is a hostess with the mostest, whipping up side salads regularly mistaken for being from Wegmans and curating an amazing spread, complete with addictive BBQ sauces and decadent desserts. Sean is a master behind the smoker/grill. The meats he unveils get oohs and ahhs every time. The smoke ring on his pork tenderloins are envy-inducing. I’m always happy and full when I leave their parties!







  • Here’s a great read from New York Times reporter, Elaine Sciolino, “Ode to the Classic Bistro.” She even quotes one of my favorite Julia Childs lines: “The kind of food I fell in love with [was] not trendy, souped-up fantasies, just something very good to eat.” This is one way it can be tricky to declare the best restaurants in any city, but especially a place like Paris.
  • Lastly, it’s my birthday as I’m writing this, and I must say, my mom threw the best little kid birthday parties ever. The food, the games, the freedom to run around in the backyard on a warm June day–all perfection. Here’s an awesome #tbt photo she found and posted yesterday in honor of my 30th birthday. For the record, my mom is an incredible hostess to this day, whipping up spectacular spreads with prized ingredients and seemingly ordinary pantry items alike, making you feel like you’re a part of the family and there’s nowhere else you should be, and never minding a spill or broken dish. We should all take cues from her when entertaining (and cooking, baking, parenting and more).

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26. June 2014 by Nina
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