What to Cook: from weeknight dinner to Sunday brunch

Need inspiration to get you through the week’s mundane meals or to prepare for more special occasions? Check out these ideas for a variety of purposes.

Monday night dinner

  • Greek: Marinate lamb steaks the evening before to be able to grill when you’re ready to cook, and whip up tzatziki (a dip/condiment made from yogurt, cucumbers and herbs) and hummus (chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic) while you warm the pita. For an extra treat, grill haloumi and finish it with a drizzle of raw honey and couple sprigs of fresh thyme. Check out recipes by Donna Hay for more inspiration.


A group of friends

  • Macaroni and cheese: When others crack a box open, foodies get grating. Try a blend of a few easy melting cheeses, such as sharp cheddar, gouda and fontina, to spice up this comfort food favorite. Try adding leeks or bacon for extra flavor. Check out classic style recipes from bon appétit.


A big family dinner

  • Roasted chicken with root vegetables: A classic dish worth making again and again, roasted chicken has little prep time and a great deal of flavor when you select the right bird. Check out Buffalo native Molly Stevens’ techniques in “All About Roasting” and consider a selecting chicken from Painted Meadow Farms or Oles Family Farm.



  • Lasagna: Try making a béchamel sauce instead of using tomato sauce alone. Once you get the technique down, you’ll be shocked it was ever intimidating. More than anything, you need time and trial to perfect this. Check out the Bolognese style recipe from Smitten Kitchen, and do not attempt on a day where you have less than five hours to spend if you plan to make the pasta from scratch.


Sunday brunch

  • A sweet and savory spread: Scones using seasonal fruit from the farmers’ market, scrambled eggs tossed with fresh chopped chives and First Light Farm & Creamery goat cheese, and maple wood smoked bacon from T-Meadow Farm will keep everyone happy and satisfied until dinner. Try Martha Stewart for her scone recipes featuring fruit and cream.

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